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Thursday, January 27, 2005

To Blog Or Not To Blog

For a little while now I have been fascinated by the world of blogging and spend a fair percentage of my time at work reading the online diaries of friends and strangers. I have read one guy’s scene by scene take on a popular TV show – and seen pictures of random objects from another guy’s house. I have read about a friend’s encounter with fame, and another friend’s encounter with clutter. I have even encouraged a friend to set up her own blog but I have not started my own…until now.

On one hand it seemed presumptuous to assume that anyone will be interested in anything I have to say. I am a decent writer – I make my living from it, but I am not especially funny or witty. I have pretensions to profundity (as can be clearly seen in my use of the term ‘pretensions to profundity’), but I am not really any more profound than the next guy. So as I said – why would anyone want to read what I have to say?

But on the other hand I firmly believe that blogging is the best thing to happen to democracy since…, well since universal suffrage. Millions of people send their thoughts, feelings and daily anecdotes to the world. You don’t know whose reading it – You don’t know if anyone is reading it – but it is out there in the vast infinity of the internet. The harshest dictatorship can’t silence its opponents as long as there is a guy with a modem out there. Most importantly of all blogging is about entering the public discourse. It is about sharing ideas and views and debating.

And so I decided to enter the public debate, to contribute to the discourse and to be part of the greatest democratic revolution we have seen in a hundred years. I hope you enjoy the ride.


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