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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Reflections on the bus home again

Sometimes travelling makes me reflective, sometimes, like tonight, it just makes me crabby.

5 annoying things that people do on buses

5. Eat smelly food loudly - the guy sitting across the aisle from me spend two hours of my journey eating 'garanim' (sunflower seeds). Every couple of seconds he cracked them loudly with his teeth. As if to compete the guy sitting behind me was chewing gum - and constantly cracking it, every few seconds. Why do people crack gum. What possible reason can there be except to annoy me.

4. Talk loudly on the phone about intimate matters of their lives. Stop it! The rest of the bus doesn't care.

3. Sit with the knees embedded in my back.

2. Play their walkman/ipods, too loud. Not loud enough for you to hear what the song is, but loud enough for you to be unable to escape the tinny musical noise.

1. But by far the most annoying thing is how men always sit with their legs spread wide open. What is that about. It doesn't matter whether the guy is fat or thin, they will always spread themselves over into my seat, either forcing me off the edge of my seat, or else pressing into my thigh.


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    By Blogger Michelle, at 9:08 PM  

  • Actually, according to the body-language experts, men tend to sit with their legs spread apart when they're interested in a woman nearby. It's a courtship signal. Maybe you're just attracting all the men on the bus. ;-)

    Or maybe they're just too tall for those little Egged seats. Which would you prefer to think?

    By Blogger Michelle, at 9:13 PM  

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