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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Various ramblings

Well there is rain and hail in Jerusalem but still no snow. Haaretz has pictures on their website of snow in the North, just to taunt us. I don't think the weather service should predict snow. When it doesn't happen everyone is disappointed. Also there are few things in life more thrilling to wake up in the morning and look out the window at a world blanketed in white. Prediction just ruins the suprise.

Despite the lack of snow I had a lovely Shabbat. I had what I call a pyjama Shabbat. After I return from shul I change back into my pyjamas and eat dairy-milk sandwiches in bed. I spend the day sleeping and reading. I once worked with a secular Israel who couldn't understand how religious people could manage without a Saturday. That was the day she visited friends and spent time with her family. They would drive out to the beach, or have a BBQ somewhere. She was couldn’t understand how anyone could manage to have their one ‘free’ day so restricted. I tried to explain to her that my Shabbat wasn’t so different. I spend it with friends, I have big meals, I connect with my community, I read a lot and I sleep more than any other day. I really value Shabbat for the centeredness it gives my week. Last week I didn’t get to bed before 2, on three nights – and in my week ahead I have to get up at 5am or earlier twice. Thank God for Shabbat which is literally my day of rest.

Oh - by the way, in follow up to an earlier post about dating blues. I guess I know the answer now. Another reason why it was a lovely Shabbat. I should learn to have more faith in my ability to read signals.

I am going away now for the next few days. More about my adventures when I return. And for those of you who celebrate – Have a happy and loving Valentine’s Day.


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